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The Synergy Group is redefining how real estate is done. Daniel and Scott have combined their vast experience and knowledge across all types of real estate to innovate the experience for customers. As the field continues to shift towards a tech-driven approach.

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We just launched a Cash-Flow Breakfast Club for our area! This is the most unique real estate investor club, education, networking and mastermind event in the US!

This is a 12 part education series with new topics every month. Follow the QR code above and get the scoop on how to become a founding member.

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Beyond the online listings are hidden gems—exclusive, discreetly listed properties that most buyers never see. With The Synergy Group of Compass as your guide, gain special access to these elite homes, expanding your options beyond the public eye



Searching for the perfect home?

Take a deep dive and browse homes for sale, original neighborhood photos and info to find what is right for you.

Daniel Schuler

Scott Sachs

Jesse Johnson

Compass Jeweler Burton Dots
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